Midcoast Studio is a visual solutions company driven by our passion, dedication and imagination. We offer services of CGI, animation, retouching and photography.

With photographic roots, we understand the importance of seeing the forest, and seeing the trees – where analyzing the big picture, and inspecting the details, shapes a holistic understanding of any given situation. This perspective not only underscores our creative approach but our business and operations.

We also understand that every project or product has its own set of challenges. We offer a customized and strategic approach to achieve objectives, maximize efficiency and maintain a premium result. Examples of various approaches can be seen in our Expertise section – from visual systems and asset planning to high-quality visuals that blur the line between CGI and photography.

Our Studio

Over the years, our studio continues to evolve and serve as a highly functional place of business, as well as a hive of collaboration and source of inspiration.

Our Leadership


Paul Slocum

Founder & CEO

“From the start, we had a vision for Midcoast—to be a creative think tank powered by talent and technology,” says Paul. As co-founder and CEO, Paul has excelled at building partnerships with his clients, being the connector, facilitator and problem-solver to their ever-changing image needs. “Experience built on the success of creating strong imagery through different disciplines is what sets us apart.” As determined as he is about operating a successful business, Paul is even more passionate about people. Being part of a thriving operation that feels like a family business is one of his greatest professional accomplishments. Paul also holds a B.S. in Photographic Sciences from the Rochester Institute of Technology.


Madison Ford

Founder & Chairman

In addition to co-founding Midcoast, Madison is an award-winning commercial photographer. He helped cultivate the shop’s loose, fun vibe with the goal of replicating the imagination and quality of high-powered studios like Warhol’s Factory and The Hipster Art Hangout. “All disciplines — photography, CGI and retouching — are assembled at the same time to create the strongest imagery,” Madison says. “It may be commercial art, but to us, it’s true art on our screens.” Madison is valued by clients as much for his creativity, honesty and responsiveness as he is for his finely tuned artistic chops. Madison also graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Photographic Sciences.


Donna Jackson

President & COO

A 25-year veteran at Midcoast, Donna understands the importance of a positive work environment. “Ours is a people driven business. Providing a receptive space for sharing ideas, adapting to change and exploring possibilities is essential in creating success for our clients,” she says. Behind the scenes, she is the driving force that keeps Midcoast moving into the future. “I want our people to think differently about how they do things and how we do business, always asking if there is a better way,” she says. Donna brings a wealth of business experience and common sense to the table. She holds a B.B.A. degree from Walsh College of Accountancy and Business Administration.

Our Culture

We are very serious about what we do. But we also love it and try to enjoy ourselves. Life is short. So we live to the fullest and value every experience we have with each other, our partners and our clients.